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Face to Face Ministries Podcast

Face to Face Ministries is all about helping Christians receive healing from emotional wounds and to uncover lies that keep them from living out the truth of who they are in Christ. Hosts Cathy Little and Melinda Wilson, co-founders of Face to Face Ministries, talk about what it means to walk in true freedom, inner healing, and wholeness, accessing the full benefits package the cross of Jesus represents. They also include conversations with leaders of several inner healing models that are available to help you find it.

Jul 9, 2019

In Episode 20 we are taking a look at what makes relationships work and what's missing when they don't. Chris and Jen Coursey of Thrive Today share 19 skills that are necessary for healthy relationships - skills we should get by age 4, but most of us missed them. Here's good news: You can train your brain and learn them later in life! Join us for an enlightening and fun discussion on relationships.